Do you know what to do if you get a disturbing letter from the IRS?

Umbrella Assurance provides taxpayers and ERO’s with the peace of mind of knowing that somebody’s got their back in the event of an audit. The peace of mind that we are here to help you and walk you through the steps to satisfy requests that the IRS makes. Let the professionals at UA handle your IRS issues we will handle all correspondence between you and the IRS.

At UA, our staff has more than 24 years of experience in the tax industry and IRS audit business—and most important, real-world experience dealing with the IRS. Ours is a forward-thinking association founded on solid principles of honesty, integrity, empowerment and hand-on service.

We formed our alliance after taking a critical look at other audit assistance services, past and current trends, standard IRS practices and more. And, we quickly realized that we could do more to protect taxpayers and ERO’s from the harmful side effects of IRS audits. We could save them time, money and peace of mind.  We could provide them with ASSURANCE that they had an experienced EA, C.P.A and tax attorney by their side.  That’s why we offer a complete package of audit representation and other services that can be customized for each and every tax return.

We partner with former IRS tax attorneys who have experience representing taxpayers and ERO’s in all types of dealings with the IRS. From audits to US Tax Court cases to IRS collections, the attorneys are available to represent you.

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