A Team of PROS at Your Service

As simple as that! Our experienced team of tax professionals, CPAs, EAs and Tax Attorneys are here to tend to your audit needs. We take the stress and headache of handling your audit. Remember, being prepared is only half of the victory.


Let's face it, as an ERO you are not excited to see a letter from the IRS come in the mail. Umbrella Assurance takes the stress and anxiety out of dealing with an IRS audit alone. Based on the feedback from our tax professionals, Umbrella Assurance's audit representation has taken audit representation to a new level. It's proven that Umbrella Assurance has taken the fear and stress out of being audited. Now, you can focus on building your business and we assist with the rest.



Receiving an IRS audit notice in the mail can make your heart skip a beat, feel overwhelmed and cause you to be confuesed. Trying to interpret IRS terms that read like a foreign language can be puzzling. Umbrella Assurance does the heavy lifting and takes confusion away allowing you to provide you assurance and peace of mind.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Umbrella Assurance?

Umbrella Assurance provides members with expert tax advice conveniently and instantly by telephone through one-on-one consultations with experienced, professional tax specialist. This valuable service gives you unlimited phone calls and prompt, qualified advice on your tax issues all year long. Our toll free number directly connects you to a tax professional, who is experienced in all aspects of taxation.

Umbrella Assurance provides tax advice for all the stages of your life:

• Marriage
• Buying a House
• Having Children
• Children in College
• Starting a business
• Retirement

Tax Benefits Include:

• $50.00 Flat Rate per Return
• Unlimited access to Tax Professionals year-round
• Free review of last year’s tax return
• Research of complex tax issues
• Advice regarding IRS Audits and Notifications
• Tax Tips for personal and small business owners (sole proprietors)
• Explanation of Tax Law changes